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  • 20-Feb-2016

    Why You Shouldn't Tackle Your Divorce Hearing Alone

    If you are in the middle of a divorce, you might be worried enough about the financial implications that can come from a marital split. You could be thinking that you can save money by handling the case yourself instead of hiring a divorce lawyer, ...
  • 20-Feb-2016

    Division of Property Under Massachusetts Divorce Law: Five Facts You Should Know

    If a marriage seems to be unraveling, several aspects may be stressful. One is dividing the property. Any anxiety can be lessened by knowing how the law works. Below are five key facts in Massachusetts division of property law. One, a divorcing ...
  • 10-Oct-2015

    How to Ensure That You Get Your Share of the Assets in Your Divorce

    If you are getting divorced from your spouse, you are probably worried about a lot of things, including the loss of your relationship. However, one other thing that you might be concerned about is the division of assets. You could be afraid that your ...
  • 10-Oct-2015

    Tips for Selecting an Effective Divorce Lawyer

    Going through a divorce can often be a difficult time. When it comes to choosing the right divorce lawyer, there are a variety of factors worth evaluating. These may include the amount of capital at stake through the divorce, ownership of children ...
  • 18-Jul-2015

    A Divorce Lawyer Knows The Complicated Process of Property Division

    A Divorce Lawyer Knows The Complicated Process of Property Division Divorce Lawyer Prenuptial agreements are similar to car or home insurance in that they can protect people when something goes wrong, but there are no requirements for anyone to ...
  • 17-Aug-2014

    Will my assets be protected once I file for divorce?

    Will my assets be protected once I file for divorce? Spouses that have filed for divorce or spouses that are contemplating divorce should be aware of the fact that in every Massachusetts divorce case there is an automatic restraining order. At the ...
  • 18-Sep-2013

    Divorce Lawyer Assists Stay-at-Home Parents

    Stay-at-home parents may be especially vulnerable during divorce proceedings. These mothers - and a smaller but growing number of fathers - either don't work at all outside the home or have lower-paying, usually part-time jobs that allow them to ...
  • 5-Aug-2013

    A Divorce Lawyer Can Help Debunk Divorce Myths.

    One of the most emotional experiences in a person’s life could be a divorce. Many people struggle to deal with the emotional reality of the situation. It’s not a time for a person to let their emotions control their thinking. A divorce ...
  • 7-Aug-2012

    The Automatic Restraining Order

    The Automatic Restraining Order When a divorce is filed an automatic restraining order comes into place. This is not a restraining order against seeing another person, but rather a restraining order preventing the sale of property. Once the case is ...
  • 31-Mar-2012

    What assets are part of the marital estate?

    What assets are part of the marital estate? The concept of what is part of the marital estate is very broad. Generally, it includes all property "wherever and however" acquired.

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