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Domestic violence applies to spouses, family members, those living together and individuals that have dated. Domestic violence can include assault, battery, stalking and sexual or emotional abuse. The Law Office of Robert W. Kovacs, Jr. has substantial experience in the field of domestic violence issues and the way they can affect one's family as a whole. We have represented numerous clients in domestic dispute matters. If you are the victim of an abusive spouse or other family member, or are accused of committing domestic violence, it is essential that you immediately contact a Worcester domestic violence attorney.

Domestic Violence Consequences

Domestic violence is a very serious charge in the state of Massachusetts. The penalties associated with domestic violence can be very serious. An individual charged with domestic violence would generally be facing up to 2 1/2 years imprisonment, fines of up to $1,000 dollars, community service, counseling or anger management meetings, and potential issuance of a protective order. We can help you take steps to get a protective order issued and can aggressively take action to help you if a protective order falsely issued against you.

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If you or your children are in danger from a violent spouse or family member, it is imperative that you gain the protection offered under the law through a protective order before the situation escalates. We can help. We are tireless negotiators and if necessary, litigators. These orders will allow the immediate arrest of an abuser should they violate the restrictions imposed upon them. If you are being abused, we will do everything within our power and resources to put a stop to it. We are a small, intimate law firm and we provide dedicated and personalized attention. Clients are not just a file number with us. Call us to discuss your case today.

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