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A Divorce Lawyer Can Help Debunk Divorce Myths.

One of the most emotional experiences in a person’s life could be a divorce. Many people struggle to deal with the emotional reality of the situation. It’s not a time for a person to let their emotions control their thinking. A divorce requires professional help. They need to seek the services of a divorce lawyer.

There are several divorce myths that should make people want to speak with a divorce lawyer for clarification. Here are a few:

Divorce is Cheap

There are many details involved with divorce proceedings that will require an attorney’s attention. The more property and financial assets a couple has, the more complicated their divorce. Attorneys base their fees on billable time.

Items a Spouse Purchases during a Marriage Stays with Them

The state of Massachusetts will divide any property obtained during the course of a marriage based on the theory of equitable division. This means it doesn’t matter whose name is on the title. If it was purchased during the marriage, it is equally owned by each spouse.

If a Spouse Isn’t Paying Child Support, They Can’t See Their Children

Child visitation isn’t determined by the spouse not receiving child support. Only the court gets to decide the structure of child visitation. If a court’s order is not followed, there could be legal consequences.

I’ll Just Take The Kids to Another State Since I Don’t Like My Massachusetts Divorce

Once the divorce is final, one parent cannot remove their children from the state without the permission the other parent. A parent can file for a modification with the court. The court will need to see a very compelling reason to permit relocation out of Massachusetts.

Anyone facing a divorce needs to realize the results won’t be exactly like your friend or relative’s divorce. Each circumstance is different and will produce different results. It’s important to not listen to any legal advice from friends and relative who have no legal background. Meet with an experienced divorce lawyer and know the facts. Contact us today.