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The purpose of arranging for child support after a divorce is to make sure your children are financially supported and maintain a manner of living that is relatively consistent with their lives before the divorce. Even in cases where parents have shared custody or the children spend equal time at both homes, child support arrangements may still be required.

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How is Child Support Determined?

Our state determines child support using income-based guidelines, and a Worcester child support lawyer will be able to create an accurate accounting of you and your former spouse's financial situation. Though it can sound overwhelming, the child support process does not have to be stressful with the right attorney on your side.

Kovacs Law, P.C. is here to represent your financial interests after a divorce. Family law requires a special understanding and sensitivity, and as we are backed by over a decade of legal experience, we know how to find workable support arrangements that allow families to move forward.

We know that your children are your priority and that keeping their financial future stable is of the utmost importance. Give us a call at (508) 926-8833 today or email us to discover how we can help you!

When Does Child Support End in MA?

Child support should not end until the child hits the age of eighteen. A child between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one who relies on one parent may be eligible for child support. Similarly, if a child between the ages of 21 and 23 is solely dependent on a parent due to admission in a college program, as long as it is not more than an undergraduate degree.

A judge can also mandate post-minority treatment for an adult child above the age of 18 that is physically or medically impaired and therefore unable to sustain themselves in those circumstances.

Worcester Child Support Guidelines & Your Case

Under state guidelines, your marital asset division and child custody agreement will also be used to calculate your child support. You may deviate from the state child support guidelines if you and your ex-spouse can mutually agree on a different amount, or if a judge determines that an exception is to be made.

If you or your ex-spouse has unusual expense considerations, or if one of your incomes regularly fluctuates (seasonal workers or those who rely on tips), you may want to settle on an arrangement outside of court.

Even if you were the primary wage-earner during your marriage, you will not automatically be required to pay a certain amount. Every case is different and is handled on an individual basis. Whatever your situation, our firm will be able to help create a child support agreement that is reasonable and accurately reflects your ability to support your children's needs.

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