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If you have gone through a divorce, you understand how difficult and time consuming it can be to come to child custody and child support arrangements. It can be even more frustrating when, after all this effort, your ex-spouse breaks the terms of your divorce. Sometimes people make their support payments and then, after a certain period of time, they no longer feel obligated to do so. Your ex-husband or wife may even express to you that their financial circumstances have changed and they can no longer make their payments. Even though this may be true, your ex-spouse needs to file for a modification. Until they do, they are still required to pay the current amount owed. A Worcester divorce attorney will be able to file for a court order enforcement of your custody or support arrangements quickly and effectively.

Kovacs Law, P.C. is a small firm dedicated to giving you the personal attention you deserve. Family law is an especially sensitive area, and you want an attorney on your side who will take the time to understand your needs. Our firm has helped hundreds of families reach agreements after divorces that are realistic, workable and agreeable to both parties.

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If your ex-wife or husband has stopped making the agreed upon payments, our firm can file a motion with the court explaining how they have broken the terms of your divorce. That motion will be sent to your former spouse and a judge will schedule a date and time for a hearing. Your wait time will depend on your ex-spouse's violation and its severity. Hearings that address child support issues are usually scheduled fairly quickly. In the meantime, the judge may determine a specific amount that your ex must pay immediately, with jail as a consequence for further delinquency. Let our firm handle your court order enforcement as soon as possible to help you move on with your life.

Contact a Worcester family lawyer online or call (508) 926-8833 today to have your court order enforced.

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