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Were You Injured on Vacation?

At Kovacs Law, P.C., we have over a decade of experience handling all sorts of personal injury cases for our clients. There is no situation that intimidates us, and we are willing to listen to your claims, no matter how big or small you think your problems might be. One of the more unique fields of personal injury claims that we are able to take on are those involving skiing accidents.

Up on the snowy slopes, you and your family surely want to relax and enjoy your wintry vacation. The unfortunate truth is that you may be placed in immediate and unexpected danger at any time.

Some common causes of skiing accidents include:

  • Intoxicated patrons on the slopes
  • Inadequate fencing around drop-offs
  • Lack of ski patrol officers
  • Ineffective training courses
  • Inaccurate slope difficulty (grade) rating

If you were injured in a ski accident, contact our Worcester personal injury attorneys today.

Compensation for Victims of Ski Accidents

There is a common misconception that snow is soft and gentle, providing safe padding for when skiers take a tumble. The truth is that in mountain resorts and public areas, the snow quickly becomes packed tight, causing it to become as dense and as unforgiving as dirt or stone. If someone else’s negligence caused you to crash while skiing, you might be entitled for compensation that helps pay for:

  • Hospital treatment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Transport off the mountainside
  • Lost fees as you recover

A serious skiing accident can cause major damage to your head or back. The consequences could be lifelong, such as paralysis or memory loss. You will require total compensation that takes ongoing rehabilitation treatments and permanent debilitations into account.

Worcester Personal Injury Lawyers Understanding Your Needs

Although it might seem obvious to say that you deserve fair compensation after being in a skiing accident that was not your fault, the idea can be pretty far-fetched to some insurance companies. At least, it certainly seems to be the case from the way some of them resist giving a decent payout or settlement to their customers. Rather than attempting to take on such a large company on your own, team up with our attorneys to even the scales. We always try to make ourselves available to our clients when they need us, and we believe keeping you informed about how your case is progressing is a key to victory. Contact us today to learn the difference our dedication and know-how can make for you.

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