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Visitation Rights After a Worcester Divorce

Your visitation rights will determine how much time you spend with your children after a divorce. Visitation is especially important if your former spouse has been granted primary or physical custody. Although your relationship with your ex-spouse may be friendly, it is still in your best interest to have a Worcester divorce lawyer on your side of the table. Your attorney will work with you to make sure you remain a substantial presence in your children's lives. Family courts in our state are required to place the well-being of the children above any other consideration. Even if your former spouse does not want to grant you visitation, if you give clear and convincing evidence that you are a positive influence on your children, your visitation will likely take precedence. Proving that you will bring stability and balance as a parent should be your lawyer's top priority.

Kovacs Law, a small firm dedicated to helping you protect your family after a divorce. Family law can be especially difficult since children are involved, and we are here to answer your questions and provide you with the individual attention you deserve. We have helped hundreds of clients find workable visitation arrangements that accommodate both parents.

Visitation Lawyer in Divorce Cases

Though you may not agree with every choice your ex-spouse makes with regard to your children, it is important to maintain a generally amicable relationship as much as you can. The parent with primary custody does have the decision-making abilities, and if they choose, can fight to have your visitation rights revoked. It is important to adhere to all other aspects of your divorce agreement, including any child support or spousal support requirements. Failure to make these payments can lead to the suspension of your visitation. Speak to our firm today to make sure you stay a part of your children's lives.

Contact a Worcester visitation lawyer today to negotiate your visitation rights.

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