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Why Hire a Family Law Attorney?

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If you are serious about getting the best possible result from your divorce, you need an attorney on your side. The family law judge is not your friend. Your spouse's attorney is not your friend, and you should not assume that your spouse will be fair. Without a Worcester divorce attorney representing you, the only person looking out for your rights will be you. The outcome of this situation will most likely have a major impact on your future, and you cannot afford to take any chances.

There is no statute or regulation under state law which states that you have to hire an attorney to represent you in the divorce process, but it is highly advisable that you do so. Family law attorneys exist for a reason-divorce is complicated. Unless you and your former spouse are in perfect agreement on every aspect of the situation, such as who will get child custody and how to divide the assets, there is a chance that the judge will have to intervene to rule on these issues. Experts on the subject and judges typically advise people in your situation not to represent themselves, as there is simply too much at stake to risk making mistakes which could cost you heavily.

At the Kovacs Law, P.C., we understand every aspect of family law and can help you. We are small, local firm, offering personalized service and caring attention to each of our clients. Attorney Kovacs was raised in Worcester and still resides in the area. Our team is familiar with all the Worcester County and Middlesex County Courts, and we know the most effectives strategies for preparing each case we represent to achieve the best possible results for the client-you.

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Nearly any type of legal matter is complex, and lawyers and judges invest years in education and ongoing training to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field of practice. Why give yourself the burden of having to find your way through the paperwork, the courtroom procedure and complicated legal issues while you are in the midst of what may be the most emotionally difficult experience of your life? Even simple errors could leave you with unfavorable terms of spousal support which would place you in financial difficulty, or could cost you custody and visitation, relegating you to the margins of your children's lives.

Hiring an attorney not only levels the playing field by giving you a skilled professional to guide you and protect your interests, it can also spare you the necessity of stressful confrontations or negotiations with your spouse, which can be especially important when allegations of domestic violence are a factor in the situation. We have helped hundreds of families with all types of legal matters, including divorce, paternity, court order enforcement and relocation. Call us today for a consultation.

When you have decided to end your marriage, give yourself the best chance of a favorable outcome. Contact Kovacs Law, P.C. to speak with a skilled Worcester divorce lawyer now.

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