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With its vast and beautiful eastern shore, boating is a popular pastime for the people of Massachusetts. Any day of fun on the waves can quickly become dangerous when boaters do not behave safely or operate their vehicles with negligence. It only takes one mistake for the consequences of someone’s reckless behavior to affect someone else for a lifetime.

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Injuries Common in Boating Accidents

Although coastguard officials do their best to keep the waters safe around Massachusetts, they cannot control the actions of everyone out on the water. If a boater behaves negligently, they can collide their vessel into another, or even throw the boat up onto the shore or docks. The injuries to the victims can be catastrophic, to say the least.

Victims of boating accidents may suffer:

Causes of Boating Accidents

The information available on boating accidents suggests that most collisions are entirely preventable. Human error and simple carelessness lead to devastating accidents more than the actions of the ocean itself or the weather. In fact, one of the leading causes of boating accidents is suspected to be intoxication. This could suggest that stricter boating under the influence (BUI) laws are necessary to correct this problem. In the meantime, the best way to set things right after suffering an injury caused by a boater may be to seek compensation through civil litigation.

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