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How to File for Legal Separation in Massachusetts

Legal separations are recognized in our state per the General Laws of Massachusetts, Chapter 209-32. When a legal separation occurs, a court may issue orders relative to the support, care and custody of minor children and to the support of the married persons. In some cases where spouses can no longer live together, entering into a legal separation can be even more beneficial than filing for divorce. If you are considering a legal separation, we encourage you to contact Kovacs Law, P.C. and speak to an experienced Worcester legal separation attorney. At our firm, we have represented hundreds of clients in their divorce and family relationship issues and are pleased to pass along our experience to you. We will gladly discuss all aspects of a legal separation during our initial consultation and if retained, will work hard to protect your rights and to obtain for you the best possible outcome in your case.

To speak about legal separation in Massachusetts with an expert, give us a call at (508) 926-8833 or contact us online today.

Advantages of Legal Separation in Worcester

There are a number of advantages to entering into a legal separation rather than a divorce, including:

  • The ability to continue medical and other benefits
  • The benefit of social security after your marriage has lasted more than ten years
  • The advantage of military benefits if you are a military spouse married for at least ten years
  • The continuation of your marital status for religious reasons
  • The tax benefits received due to filing taxes jointly
  • The time apart to decide the long term future of your marriage

At our firm, we can attend to the issues that need concurrence in your Separation Agreement, such as the division of your assets and debts, possible spousal support, and matters involving children such as child custody and child support and others. A legal separation in Massachusetts will also protect you until you decide whether to file for divorce. In that event, please keep in mind that in your divorce, your Separation Agreement will likely be used as a map for your final divorce settlement and should be drafted by an attorney to ensure that you can live with it over the long term.

For an experienced and highly skilled legal representation, we invite you to contact a Worcester legal separation lawyer today. Call (508) 926-8833 today to learn more about how to file for separation in MA.

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