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Divorce Lawyer: Rupert Murdoch, Wendi Deng-Murdoch Finalize Divorce

Divorce Lawyer: Rupert Murdoch, Wendi Deng-Murdoch Finalize Divorce

Rupert Murdoch and his wife, Wendi Deng-Murdoch, made the gossip pages a year or two ago when Deng-Murdoch protected her husband from a heckler who was apparently going to hit him in the face with a pie.

The two have made it back into the tabloids now because it was recently learned that they had finalized their divorce.

Murdoch, 82, and Deng-Murdoch, 44, were married four 14 years. Neither has commented publicly on the reasons for their divorce, but they separated rather quietly, without any public discord or acrimony. That provides at least some justification for the belief that their divorce was not bitter or hateful.

The gossip pages were interested in Murdoch and Deng-Murdoch's divorce because Murdoch, who is the chairman of media giant News Corp., is worth an estimated $13.4 billion. However, ABC News reported that Murdoch is believed to have signed two prenuptial agreements and two postnuptial agreements. That means Deng-Murdoch is not likely to walk away from this relationship with an extravagant amount of money.

Murdoch will likely end up paying child support, though. He and Deng-Murdoch have two young daughters together. (Murdoch also has four adult children from his two previous marriages.)

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