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Divorce Lawyer: Social Media Gag Orders Becoming Less Uncommon

Divorce Lawyer: Social Media Gag Orders Becoming Less Uncommon

Los Angeles Lakers star Steve Nash and his wife Alejandra Amarilla Menrath recently obtained a divorce.

What made this case a little different from other celebrity splits is that it was a high-profile instance of a court institution a 'social media gag order,' which anecdotal evidence seems to suggest is becoming a more frequently used tool in family law cases these days.

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, a Maricopa Superior Court ordered both Nash and Menrath from commenting on the divorce proceedings or on each other on social media outlets after Menrtah said some unkind things about Nash on Twitter.

Menrath appealed the decision, claiming it violated the right to speak without unwarranted government intrusion that is granted to each of us by the First Amendment. The Arizona Appeals Court disagreed, finding that it was a limited and appropriate limitation, especially in light of the fact that Nash's celebrity would likely mean Menrath's thoughts wouldn't remain private.

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