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Worcester Divorce Lawyer: Clint Eastwood, Wife Of 17 Years To Divorce

Worcester Divorce Lawyer: Clint Eastwood, Wife Of 17 Years To Divorce

Dina Eastwood, who has been married to Clint Eastwood for 17 years, filed for divorce from her actor/director husband on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

Eastwood cited "irreconcilable differences" in her filings with the court, CNN reports.

Earlier this fall, Dina Eastwood filed for legal separation, but then retracted her filing. This time, she has said, it's the real thing; she and Eastwood have been living apart from one another for quite some time and the marriage is de facto already over.

Dina Eastwood is 48 and Clint Eastwood is 83. To our eyes, this could be an example of what some are calling "gray divorce."

That term refers to the trend of older people and people who have been married a long time ending their marriages. It flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that divorce is only something for young people or newlyweds.

Sociologists have offered different perspectives for why older men and women are seeking out divorce in greater numbers now, but most agree it has to do with changing societal expectations. To greatly simplify the issue, we no longer expect people to remain married for the marriage's sake if the relationship is not healthy or not fulfilling; we want people to pursue their individualism and find satisfaction, even if it means ending a relationship that really ought to be over.

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