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Leading Women for Shared Parenting Fights for Fathers' Rights

“The majority of divorced dads, and some divorced moms, find themselves with ‘joint custody,’ an arrangement that creates an immediate power imbalance as one parent is limited to kid-time every other weekend and one weeknight — if they’re lucky. A 2009 review by Olson’s CPR found that mothers were awarded sole physical custody 70 percent of the time. . . ,” -- Star Tribune, June 8, 2013.

The scenario depicted above is about to undergo some radical changes, if the efforts of Massachusetts-founded group Leading Women for Shared Parenting (LW4SP) come to fruition. The mission of this group, which is composed primarily of women, is to “to change this system that each year unjustly removes millions of children from the arms of a loving parent.”

LW4SP recognizes the importance of post-divorce co-parenting, and their diverse membership demonstrates that the extent of this sentiment is vast. Advocates who have joined the organization include legislators, the former president of the National Organization for Women, founder of the Center for Parental Responsibility, family attorneys, and health care providers involved in caring for children of divorce.

Navigating the waters of divorce can be stressful and fraught with a variety of obstacles. When children are involved, the issues become even more complex, and the consequences more far-reaching. Choosing a family law attorney committed to advocating for fathers’ rights can be one of the most important decisions you will make during the divorce process. When the future of your children is at stake, making the right choice in family law attorneys is paramount.

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