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Divorce Lawyer News: Have Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones separated?

Divorce Lawyer News: Have Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones separated?

As Worcester residents may have heard earlier this month, film stars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are believed to have separated.

Douglas and Zeta-Jones have not formally ended their 13-year marriage, but celebrity magazines have pointed out that they have not been seen together publicly for almost a year and have gone on vacations and to premieres separately, so the speculation is that divorce may not be far behind.

We are writing about this because we wanted to point out the absence of animosity here. Douglas and Zeta-Jones have not made the tabloids for having any kind of bitter dispute or fight about property or child custody, for example.

A great many people seem to think that every separation or divorce is a process filled with anger and hurt. While separation and divorce can be emotional, they certainly are not always the stuff of nightmares. If Douglas and Zeta-Jones have indeed decided to go their separate ways, they are an example of how couples can separate amicably.

In our law office, we work as divorce lawyers, so we often help couples divorce with respect and dignity. It is important to us that we offer our clients the type of service they're looking for, and we really strive to be zealous and thorough while still respecting our clients' wishes.

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