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What is a 4-way conference?

What is a 4-way conference?

The 4-way conference is required in each Judges’ pretrial order. At Kovacs Law Firm, we can guide you through this seemingly frustrating process. It is important that before this occurs substantially all of the discovery is done and each issue may be “out in the open”. This allows counsel to better understand and possibly resolve some issues and stand firm on others. Often the lawyers will have exchanged draft separation agreements as well. The parties’ financial statements should be updated and exchanged too.

The purpose of a 4-way conference is to try and settle the case. Even if the case can’t be settled at the four way, at least the parties and the attorneys may be able to narrow the issues they are arguing about. It is not uncommon to be able to resolve parenting issues and still be fighting about asset division or support.

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