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Contemplating Divorce? Then you need an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Contemplating Divorce? Then you need an Experienced Divorce Lawyer
Divorce Lawyer

You’ve more than likely traveled down an emotional road to reach the conclusion that it’s time for divorce. Maybe you’ve grown apart from your spouse, or maybe something has happened within the marriage that has made it beyond repair.

Whatever the case may be, now that you’re contemplating divorce, you need an experienced divorce lawyer to guide you through the process. Each divorce case will vary depending upon the two parties involved.


What to Expect from the Divorce Process

Your attorney will file a divorce petition on your behalf. The petition as soon as possible. The petition filed for divorce is called the “Original Petition for Divorce.”

This petition will list the names of the parties involved, including any and all children. It will also list the reasons for the necessity of divorce. These reasons are typically labeled as “incompatibility or “irreconcilable differences.”

Once the respondent has been served by the petitioner in the divorce case, the respondent will have 20 days to respond to the filing.

The next steps can or may involve the request for:

  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Restraining Orders
  • Protective Orders

Following the issuing of any one of the above order types, you can then expect the following to take place:

Temporary Divorce Orders: The judge may issue a temporary divorce order until the final divorce proceedings take place.

Divorce Discovery: Divorce discovery is a type of mediation between both parties involved in the proceedings. If issues are not resolvable during this stage, then the divorce proceedings will begin in divorce court.

Divorce Court: A trial through divorce court is the final step in the filing of divorce. Once divorce court has been completed, the judge will make a final decision and issue an order. This order is appealable.

Things can become more complicated when children are involved, assets are involved, and many years of matrimony are involved. Although this is an emotionally charged experience, you’ll be alright with an experienced divorce lawyer by your side to help you through the entire process.

To learn more about the divorce process by consulting with an experienced attorney, contact us today.