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Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer: David Duchovny, Tea Leoni End 17-Year Marriage

Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer: David Duchovny, Tea Leoni End 17-Year Marriage
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I'm not particularly interested in celebrities, but I do often take note when celebrities divorce because in some cases, these are high-profile examples of what my clients can expect in their own divorce.

Recently, David Duchovny (of "The X-Files" fame) and Tea Leoni (who starred in "Ghost Town" and "Deep Impact") finalized their divorce. They had been married for 17 years.

That Duchovny and Leoni had a difficult marriage was well-known in Hollywood -- they separated in 2008 and again in 2011, but reconciled each time -- but news of their divorce was slow to break. It was almost a month after all was said and done that their divorce hit the entertainment section of newspapers, magazines and websites.

What I see there is two adults maturely deciding it would be best to end their marriage, and then doing so with compassion and respect. The two were able to work out the terms of their divorce without any fighting, apparently, and went through the process with very little muss or fuss.

This is something it would be good for my Massachusetts readers to understand. Everyone hears divorce horror stories, but not many people hear about divorces that proceed smoothly and amicably, even though many do. That low-turmoil divorces are not as "interesting" (in the tabloid sense of the word) doesn't mean they don't or can't happen.

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