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The Millennials View on the Single life, Marriage, & Divorce

The Millennials View on the Single life, Marriage, & Divorce

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CNN's Carol Costello, in a story called "Ready for the Marriage Apocalypse," said "we are culture rich in divorce. In the United States, almost 42 million adults have been married more than once. That's up from 22 million in 1980 and 14 million in 1960." And after an interview with a group of students from her alma mater Kent State, she said, "I won't be totally surprised if this group of millennials don't ever get married." One of the students being interviewed said, "I see a lot of people get married too soon or stay together and are unhappy because they are afraid to be alone. And I would rather be alone, successful and happy than in a relationship where I'm not happy... I'm OK being single forever. As long as I'm happy."

People are valuing happiness over marriage and tradition these days, and when they're stuck in a marriage that's not working, they are less likely to wait around and hope for things to get better. Even millennials themselves are getting divorced at high rates. And their generation is blaming things like social media and lack of real human connection. NBC's Anthony D'Ambrosio writes, "We've developed relationships with things, not each other. Ninety-five percent of the personal conversations you have on a daily basis occur through some type of technology. We've removed human emotion from our relationships, and we've replaced it with colorful bubbles."

Whatever the reasons may be, the rate of divorce is still increasing, The American Psychological Association estimates, "forty to fifty percent of Americans will get a divorce at some point in their lives." Which raises the question; are we getting better at getting divorced? To think that marriages in the millennial generation are already ending, amongst a group of people no older than 35, speaks to the fact that young Americans are more comfortable with divorce, and are changing their views on it all together. By hiring divorce lawyers to handle the division of their assets and property, and the custody of their children, divorces are becoming less synonymous with war stories. For their parents generation, most divorces happened once the children were much older, or after the kids had left for college, making them that much more complicated and messy. The millennials have started valuing their happiness above all else, above tradition, other people's expectations, and social pressures, and are willing to stay single, get married, or get a divorce to achieve their ultimate version of happiness.

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