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Child's Voice in Determining Custody

When you decide to divorce, the impact on your children is pretty significant. But, how much of an impact depends on a number of factors, including the maturity level and age of the child, and how amicable you and your spouse are towards each other.

When you decide to end your marriage, there are many issues regarding visitation and custody of the child. The courts generally consider the best interests of the child when they determine how to award custody and what type of visitation is granted. But does the child get a say in this? Our divorce lawyer explains.

A Child's Voice Determining His Own Best Interest

Many times, the age of the child will help guide whether or not the child has a say in determining which parent he will live with. The courts will generally consider the child's wishes, except in extreme cases where the child's choice is not deemed to be fit to have custody.

When considering the age of the child, it's safe to say that a child between the ages of 11 and 14 would be able to voice their concern and preference, and the court will take those wishes into consideration. In older children, the court may allow the child to have more control on where he wishes to live.

Determining the custody of a child has a profound effect on the life of that child as you move forward. If you have questions regarding child custody and divorce matters, including allowing your child to have a say in custodial decisions, it's best to contact us. We can sit down with you and look at your situation to determine how to move forward and ensuring your child's voice is heard.