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Divorce Lawyer Discusses Positive Steps for Parenting After Divorce

Divorce Lawyer Discusses Positive Steps for Parenting After Divorce

Divorce Lawyer

Recently, KSTAR News posted some common mistakes that people make when parenting after divorce. Mistakes happen in all aspects of life, parenting included. But sometimes it's better to look at the positives. Using the KSTAR list as a guide, here are some positive steps for parents to take after divorce.

* Say kind words about your child's other parent. You once cared enough for this person to marry him or her and start a family together. This person is still an important part of your child's life and always will be. Kind words about the other parent not only build your child's level of security while reducing feelings of confusion and guilt, but can help his or her self esteem as well.

* Let kids be kids without the burden of fighting adults, adult decisions, adult confidences, and being the "go between" for people who don't want to communicate with each other directly. In other words: find your middle ground without putting your child in the middle. Let your child's decisions be about what they prefer to have for breakfast or what they want to wear to school, not about where they should live or which parent was right.

* Keep your child's emotional well-being at the forefront of the decisions that you make. Remember that, in most situations, this emotional well-being includes time spent with the other parent. It includes special occasions with both of you there. It includes knowing that both parents love him or her.

Long after your divorce agreement is in place, the impacts will be felt by your family. However, it is possible, through positivity and compassion, for parents and children to thrive after divorce. If you're looking for compassionate and skilled guidance to get through this difficult process, a divorce lawyer from Kovacs Law Office can help. We have ample experience in all parts of the divorce process, including legal separation, relocation, guardianship, court order enforcements, and divorce mediation. For more information, contact us.