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Working with Your Divorce Lawyer During a Pre-Trial Conference in Contested Divorces

Working with Your Divorce Lawyer During a Pre-Trial Conference in Contested Divorces

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A divorce lawyer should immediately be contacted if you realize that a divorce with your spouse is definitely a contested one. While many divorces are, it's not out of the realm of possibility that an uncontested divorce could happen. But you should personally know by the time you file for divorce whether agreement on all the basic matters are happening or not.

Here at Kovacs Law Office, we have years of experience dealing with the most complex of contested divorce cases. Some of them may get downright contentious, yet things usually settle with proper legal guidance. And part of this process comes when, once you hire us as your legal team, the court schedules a pre-trial conference for detailing all your disagreements.

Keep in mind that a pre-trial conference doesn't mean attending a court hearing right away in front of a judge. It's a different process that has chances for early resolutions.

Filing a Pre-Trial Memorandum

The crux of your pre-trial conference is filing a pre-trial memorandum listing all your contested issues. You'll write each one so the court has your words on record. Once filed, we'll work hard to make sure you find agreement on each issue as soon as possible. This might mean bringing in mediation when things get complicated and severe arguments ensue.

We know agreements aren't always possible, however, and a deadline is usually given. If you and your spouse can't find agreement, then the court sets a date for you to state all concerns in front of a judge. In this case, the judge makes any final decision, which is usually unchangeable in the end.

We'll help you through each step if it comes to an actual trial. But with our longtime experience, agreements are more than possible before it comes to this stage.

Contact us here at Kovacs Law Office if you're just now divorcing and you realize your divorce is undeniably uncontested. We're there through every legal step, including filing the memorandum properly so your concerns get stated clearly without any confusion.