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How Marriage and Divorce Has Changed and So Has the Need for A Divorce Lawyer

During the first half of the last century, divorce wasn't such an acceptable option, so there wasn't much of a need for a Divorce Lawyer. Divorce was an ugly arrangement and the only divorces granted usually were because of unusual circumstances or adultery. There were few grounds for divorce back then because the divorce laws made marriage a permanent arrangement.

During the 1940s, if a woman was unhappy with her husband's roaming eyes or his drinking habits, she had to put up with it. If domestic violence was an issue all the wife could hope for is that the neighbors didn't hear. The wife didn't have any marketable skills so she was totally dependent on her husband for the roof over her head and food on the table. Unless the wife came from a wealthy family that could support her, she had to stay trapped in a bad marriage for room and board.

The economic independence and improved social status of women since then, has had a huge impact on marriage and its dissolution. Women aren't dependent on men to support them since many women have college degrees or a career of their own. Most couples have two incomes, and if the wife doesn't work outside of the home, it's by choice and not because that is what wives do.

Today, when a marriage goes bad, the woman has options. She can go back to school and get a degree or get on-the-job training if she hasn't already done so. Many women earn more than their husband and is financially supporting him or is the main contributor to the cost of the family home.

Back in the old days there weren't very many divorce lawyers, rather there were lawyers who could handle a divorce if the need ever came about, but practiced law in other areas as a means of sole support. If an attorney only handled divorce cases back then, he probably ate his supper at a soup kitchen to avoid starving to death.

Divorce laws have changed and so has the way society views a break-up of a marriage. In fact most people will encourage a divorce over staying trapped in a loveless marriage. People live are living longer now, and the attorneys at The Kovacs Law Firm have found that sometimes people grow up and grow apart, or they weren't compatible to begin with. It's no one’s fault, it is just the way it is. It takes courage to say, sz "I made a mistake". If you are considering a divorce, contact us and we can explore your options and get you back on track to a brighter future.