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Tips for Selecting an Effective Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce can often be a difficult time. When it comes to choosing the right divorce lawyer, there are a variety of factors worth evaluating. These may include the amount of capital at stake through the divorce, ownership of children and rights to household ownership.

Connection with the Lawyer

In other forms of legal controversy, connection with the lawyer may not be as important. This is not the case in divorce court. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, "You must feel comfortable with the lawyer you hire if you are to work effectively together. If you are not comfortable with a lawyer you interview, you should probably trust your instinct and not hire that person, even if you cannot isolate the cause of your discomfort. You will be telling the lawyer intimate facts of your life and the lawyer may have to give you advice and information that you may not like."

Consider Referrals

With 50% of marriages eventually ending in divorce, it is likely that someone you know will have a lawyer that they can refer. Be sure to always take referrals with a grain of salt and keep your options open, as a lawyer who worked well for someone else isn't always the perfect fit for your situation. If you have a lawyer that you worked with in the past that doesn't specialize in divorce law, an opinion from them can hold a lot of weight, as a lawyer will often have a short list of names for recommendation.


The cost of a lawyer is largely based upon their experience and the amount of time they will need to devote to your case. Base the amount of money that you will spend on the lawyer on the value of assets being disputed and the desire for ownership of the children.

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