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A Divorce Lawyer Gives Advice To Get Along with Your Ex

As a divorce lawyer, I help many people through one of the most difficult time in their lives. They have to start new lives, entirely different than they envisioned when they got married. Whether or not you have children, there will come a time when you need to communicate with your ex-spouse.

Here are some tips to getting along after the divorce.

  • Try to use divorce mediation instead of an ugly divorce battle. If you can manage to split up your things quickly and (mostly) easily without involving the courts, you are more likely to be able to navigate a new life.
  • Think about the other person during the divorce itself. If you think about the other person instead of trying to take him or her for all he or she has, life will settle down a little quicker.
  • Try to keep emotion at bay. When emotion, especially anger, is involved in divorce, both parties may say things that are hard to forget. Angry people have trouble getting along with each other so make sure that you don’t say things that are aimed to hurt the other person.
  • Don’t bad mouth your ex to anyone – children, family, and friends. If you talk bad about your ex, people are going to have trouble adjusting to a life with him or her still in it. Friends and family often feel like they have to take sides so it is better if you don’t involve anyone else in your divorce.
  • Admit your mistakes. There are plenty of reasons that you got divorced so it is important to realize that you made mistakes. It is not just your ex’s fault. The sooner you can start to forgive yourself, the sooner you can forgive your ex.

It is really important to find a new life after divorce. Many people are happier with their ex in their life, just as friends. It takes time to reach a friendship but it is possible. After all, you probably spent a long time together!

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