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Divorce Lawyer: Tips To Shield Your Children From Your Divorce

As a divorce lawyer, I see a lot of children harmed from divorced. Many children really start to act out after their parents get divorced. Some stop talking. Some start getting in trouble at school, whether it is with other children or their grades. Some rebel against their parents, especially if they are teenagers. Parents need to work together to shield their children from the divorce.

Here are some tips to shield your children from divorce.

  • Work together to have a custody arrangement that works best for the children (and both of you). It is really important to know where the children are going to live and when they will get to see their other parent. You need to know which parent wants each holiday or, if possible, you can learn to get along well enough to spend special occasions together.
  • Keep your emotions to yourself. After a divorce, you will go through many emotions and you should do the best to keep them from your children. It is alright for your children to know that you are sad but you need to keep your opinions about your ex to yourself. He or she is their other parent that they still look up to. They don’t deserve to hear bad things about him or her.
  • Learn to be flexible. When figuring out your custody arrangement, you need to be flexible with your ex. If they want the children to take them somewhere, let them. Maybe they will do the same for you.
  • Try to get along with your ex for the sake of your children. You are going to have to learn to communicate, even if it is just about the children. You are going to have to plan drops offs, pickups, and multiple things that will come up as you go about your new life.

Children can get hurt with divorce so it is important to find a custody arrangement that will work for everyone. Then, you need to be flexible so that you and your ex can spend quality time with the children, no matter whose weekend it is!

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