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Three Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid While Going Through a Divorce

If you are faced with a divorce, this can be a stressful time if custody and visitation rights need to be worked out for your family. It is important that custody arrangements are handled well the first time around with your divorce lawyer. Here are three mistakes you should try to avoid if your divorce is still pending and custody details might still be up in the air.

1. Try not to Cancel on Scheduled Visits

While visitation schedules and custody arrangements might shift here and there, if you and your ex have an interim agreement in place, try to take this seriously. While divorce can leave one’s life in disarray, arrangements to visit your children should be upheld as much as possible. If you cancel on visits or have to move these around, this can be used by your ex as fuel to grant them primary custody instead of a more balanced agreement.

2. Now is Not the Time to Make Major Life Changes

While divorce can be hard, sometimes this can also feel like the time to make changes and adjustments that weren’t possible in the past. If you do have children, there are some real reasons changes might make you look unstable while your divorce is pending. While custody arrangements are being set up, this isn’t the time to make big changes such as moving out of the county or moving in with a new significant other.

3. Talking Bad About Your Ex-Spouse is a Bad Idea

While you might be harboring some anger about your ex-spouse, bringing this up around your kids is not a good idea. This might get back to your ex, and could ultimately damage your chances of proposed visitation rights. Even if your children are older, try to stay level-headed and focus on your time together, not venting about your ex.

There are a few things that you can do to streamline the divorce process and come out of your situation with a visitation plan that works best for you and your children. Try your best to keep your child’s needs at the forefront of the process. If you are just beginning the divorce process, contact us for advice when it comes to specific custody and family law nuances.