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Three Reasons To Go Through Mediation

Though many people don't realize it, mediation can be much better than going through court. You will still need a divorce lawyer but mediation can save you time and money, allowing you to move on with your new life quicker. It is almost like counseling where both parties and their lawyers can come up with a divorce settlement without going to court.

Here are some other reasons to use mediation to settle your divorce.

People who use mediation feel like their opinion matters. Mediation allows both parties to really explain their side. They feel like the other person is going to listen and try to understand. People are more likely to be happy with their divorce settlement if they can talk through the issues that they face.

People who use mediation are more likely to have a relationship after they are divorced. Mediation works through communication which is necessary to continue the relationship. This is also more helpful for parents who need to learn to raise their children together while living apart.

Mediation allows a greater freedom in your divorce settlement, especially when it comes to your children. There are no rules when it comes to a settlement. You and your ex can tailor make a divorce settlement that works for you. Child custody, which usually gets split fifty-fifty or full custody with weekend visitation, can be made however works best for your family!

Mediation may be the best for your family, especially if there are children involved. You are more likely to come up with a settlement that works for everyone. Learning to compromise and discuss issues during your mediation will also help you build a post-divorce relationship!

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