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Why Use a Divorce Lawyer in Contempt Cases

Once you receive your legally binding divorce decree, you may think you are done heading to court. While this would be the ideal scenario, it isn't always the case. Not all individuals are willing to follow even the most detailed court order. When this happens, you need to work with a divorce lawyer who can help you navigate the court system and get the best possible outcome for your case.

A Clear Picture of Contempt

Not all aspects of the court order are subject to filing for contempt of court because they aren't as enforceable. For instance, if the other party doesn't exercise court ordered visitation, there is little the court can do to make it happen. However, if an individual is not paying child support or has taken the shared children outside of court ordered time without your agreement, a divorce lawyer can help you go through the process of filing contempt to punish the offending person and rectify the issue.

Reach a Resolution Outside Court

It isn't always necessary to spend the time and money required to go to court over contempt issues. In some cases, a misunderstanding is at fault. In other situations, the offending party may change their mind upon hearing from a divorce lawyer. Working things out between yourselves is often most cost-efficient and will help promote a more positive co-parenting relationship.

Legal Expertise

Sometimes there's nothing you can do to stay out of court. In these situations, it's best to approach your case under an experienced lawyer's guidance. Having someone by your side to fight for your rights is often critical to ensure you don't make mistakes that could cost you.

Don't let a simple contempt case go bad. Contact us for help determining the best approach to get your co-parenting relationship back on the right track.