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Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer Offers Comment On 'Largest Ever' Divorce Settlement

Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer Offers Comment On 'Largest Ever' Divorce Settlement
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As lawyers who frequently handle divorce cases, we often work with clients who are ending their marriages and are worried that the assets they worked so hard to build are at risk.

This is an understandable concern, and it was brought to mind by a recent news story we read about a divorce settlement that some think may be the largest in history.

The settlement was between a Russian fertilizer magnate and his wife. Some years ago, the two had moved to Switzerland, where they eventually decided to end their marriage. A court there decided that the wife was entitled to roughly 50 percent of the fortune the man amassed while they were married. That worked out to $4.5 billion (yes, billion), two Swiss ski chalets and two other pieces of property.

Now, there is no need to think something like this will necessarily happen to you. First, this couple did not have a prenuptial agreement. "Prenups," as they are colloquially known, can be used to protect your assets prior to a divorce. If you are already past that stage, a skillful and experienced family law attorney can work with you to make sure that any divorce settlement is fair and just to both of you.

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