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Separate Support

Separate Support

Many times spouses are not ready to file for divorce for one reason or another but do find that they need some kind of court-ordered support for the benefit of themselves or their children. An individual may file a complaint with the court for the following types of awards:

  1. support for oneself;
  2. support for the children of the marriage;
  3. health insurance for you and/or your children;
  4. payment of the children's educational expenses;
  5. orders for your spouse to vacate your home;
  6. orders to convey property to you; and
  7. restraining orders to ensure your protection from abuse and dangerous situations with your spouse.

Under Massachusetts law, courts will look for different elements to decide if separate support is necessary for you. A few things that may be taken into consideration are whether you and your spouse are living apart and it is for justifiable cause; whether you have been deserted by your spouse; and whether your spouse is providing adequate support even if you are still living together.

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