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High Net Worth Divorces in Worcester

Qualified Legal Help for a Complex Divorce

Every divorce is a difficult legal process, but when a divorcing couple has to split up a substantial amount of assets, or even has to divide a business, this only escalates matters. Determining child custody and child support is already enough on its own to make for a heated legal battle. When a family's income is such that the state's child support guidelines do not apply, this makes for more of a challenge when it comes to determining a fair support agreement.

It takes a skilled divorce attorney to help you fight for your rights when so much is at stake. When you work with Kovacs Law, P.C., you can find the trusted legal support you need and deserve. Contact our Worcester high net worth divorce lawyers to find out how we can help you protect your assets.

Facing the Challenges of Property Division in a High Net Worth Divorce

As Massachusetts is an equitable division state, this means that assets will not always be divided into equal halves. This is with the intent to make for a fair result, and this also means that this process is already far from a simple one. In your divorce, you may need to divide 401(k) accounts, investments, offshore bank accounts, and more. If you and your spouse own a business together, then years of your dedicated effort may be on the line. You likely face the prospect of selling your business and dividing the assets, of buying out your spouse's interest in the business, or of being bought out. You might even consider co-owning the business after the divorce, continuing your business relationship with your ex. This would entail you having to navigate a number of complicated issues.

Unfortunately, with so much on the line, there are also cases where one spouse tries to conceal assets from the other. In this case, you definitely need the legal resources a divorce attorney can provide to uncover hidden assets. The discovery process available through the court can help you investigate whether your spouse has created a secret account, provided fraudulent financial documents, moved assets overseas, and more.

Representation You Deserve from a Worcester Divorce Lawyer

No matter how complicated your divorce is, you can find the reliable legal advocate you need at our firm. Our Worcester divorce attorney has the proven skill it takes to help families navigate even the most stressful of family law matters. Learn how we may be able to help you when you fill out a case evaluation form or contact our firm today!

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